"Make no mistake, when school administrators patrol hallways checking out the legs, arms, shoulders and skin of 10- and 11-year-old girls, and micromanaging their appearance, they are objectifying them and encouraging them to self-objectify in the same way that popular media or purity cultures do."
Soraya Chemaly, School Dress Codes: The Funny-Not-Funny Video You Have to See

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"Stop praising mediocre white men for their sexist, boring works of fiction."

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Nowhere, ever, have the hideous mechanics of birth and copulation and death—those monstrous upheavals of life that the Greeks call miasma, difilement—been so brutal or had been painted up to look so pretty; have so many people put so much faith in lies and mutability and death death death.

Bisexual Frustration: Everyone is Hot and I’m Really Bad at Handling It - my autobiography