"19% of prime time television characters are non-human while only 17% are women"

A Profile of Americans’ Media Use and Political Socialization Effects: television and the Internet’s relationship to social connectedness in the USA ― Daniel German & Caitlin Lally

There are more “non-humans” on TV than women. Talk about unequal gender representation in the media.

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"Men’s dyadic dependency on women creates an unusual situation in which members of a more powerful group are dependent on members of a subordinate group. Sex is popularly viewed as a resource for which women act as the gatekeepers. This creates a vulnerability that men may resent, which is reflected in the frequency with which women are portrayed in literature as manipulative ‘temptresses,’ such as Delilah, who can ‘emasculate’ men. The belief that women use their sexual allure to gain dominance over men (who would, in vulgar parlance, be called ‘pussy-whipped’) is a belief that is associated with hostility towards women. As Bargh and Raymond and Pryor, Giedd, and Williams demonstrated, for some men sexual attraction toward women may be inseparable from a desire to dominate them."
The Ambivalent Sexism Inventory:  Differentiating Hostile and Benevolent Sexism by Peter Glick and Susan T. Fiske

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"[H]e told me, very tenderly, that it can be dangerous to believe things just because you want them to be true. You can get tricked if you don’t question yourself and others, especially people in a position of authority. He told me that anything that’s truly real can stand up to scrutiny."
Sasha Sagan,  “Lessons of immortality and mortality from my father, Carl Sagan”

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